Restaurants in Chester 0

Whenever you find a good restaurant it’s always worth shouting about it. I went to Chester not so long ago and found a great place called Bollicini which we found on a site called best restaurants Chester in the Italian restaurant section. The reason I’m telling you this is because it had such a great star rating that we thought we’d have to check it out and we weren’t disappointed.

As usually I got the ham and pineapple pizza and the other half got her Lasagne (miss adventurous) and it was one of the best I’ve ever had if you exclude that one from Mamma Mias place in Coventry last year.

Not a band find to be honest, think I’ll try Liverpool next I’ve been looking around for some romantic things to do in Liverpool while I’m there and found this list post which was quite good. I’ll deffo bear it in mind when Valentines day crops up and I take the missus away (forever the romantic aren’t I! haha).

Anyway guys, just a short post today there’s lots to do and see and I’m not the world’s best typist (or however it’s spelled) so I’ll cut it short for now and be in touch with you again soon, so take care and keep on checking out my blog I’m sure at some point I’ll get the hang of writing about interesting things. I do try. I keep reading the way other people are writing in their blogs but it seems so effortless to them maybe I’ll never get up to their standard but I can only try eh!